Oct 24 2017

Watch Kim Gray's New "90's Baby" Video on Still In Rock

Watch Kim Gray's New "90's Baby" Video on Still In Rock

Still In Rock Premieres Kim Gray’s “90’s Baby” Video

The NYC/French based tastemakers Still In Rock just premiered the video for Kim Gray’s “90’s Baby,” Kim’s final stroke from his new album, Compulsion.  In the video, Kim addresses the despondent, sexless, internet-obsessed troglodytes of Chatroulette with a hot load of pop rivaling Tommy Lee’s climax on that infamous ’90s motor boating trip with Pamela Anderson.

Still in Rock states that the video and song title are a synergistic manifestation of contemporary sexuality, aka the ‘post-sexual’ generation.

Look closely at this artist, the post-sexual society is coming, and [Kim Gray] with it! — Still In Rock

Watch the video below and head over to Still In Rock to read the their full take on the song.

If you dig “90’s Baby”, be sure to check out Kim Gray’s videos for “P.I.G.” and “No Moonlight.” And while you’re at it, grab a copy of the deluxe white vinyl or spin the full album on Spotify.

Kim Gray 'Compulsion' White Vinyl from Bad Diet