Jul 17 2018

Watch 'Gnarnia': Unkle Funkle & Free Weed's New Comedy Central Pilot

Gnarnia - Free Weed and Unkle Funkle

Welcome to ‘Gnarnia’: Unkle Funkle & Free Weed’s New Comedy Central Pilot

Unkle Funkle’s new Comedy Central pilot, ‘Gnarnia,’ enters the realms of the Gnar Tapes universe, featuring Bad Diet alums Free Weed &  Unkle Funkle, and fellow Fangs, Jimmy & Izak. It chronicles the misadventures of the four rock n’ roll dreamers’ as their paychecks struggle to fund their ambitions.  Especially after factoring in rent, life necessities and samurai swords.

Watch the series below. If you like it, please plant seeds with your pals and pass the word via socials 💯

Like ‘Gnarnia’?  Be sure to check out the vinyl for 199Oz. Buzz Clips From Free Weed & Unkle Funkle. You can also stream it here.