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Chris Pontius from Jackass Hit Up Free Weed’s Show

Omg, Party Boy himself crashed Free Weed’s show on June 6 at All Star Lanes in L.A. Apparently he’s a big fan of the album Introducing. We’re not worthy. In other news, bear witness to Free Weed entering the Volcano

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Listen to “Bong Soup” – Free Weed’s Summer Playlist on Spotify

Spark up and boogie down with “Bong Soup,” a none-more-summer playlist from Free Weed, only on Spotify. We rubbed the ample belly of Bad Diet’s resident luckboi and beckoned him to curate a summer playlist. He obliged, coughing up big radio

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Tell Your Mother: Free Weed’s European Vacation is Going Well, Thanks

While he may not rank alongside Robert Downey Jr.’s ego and drone warfare as America’s chief exports (yet), Free Weed is currently spreading good cheer and good barf all through Europe like the regular ol’ Johnny Weedseed he is. Here

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The Staff at BitTorrent Endorses Free Weed

The staff at BitTorrent has given Free Weed’s new LP on Bad Diet, Introducing, their binary seal of approval, calling the album “smart, stoned, and blissed out.”  We’ve uploaded a BitTorrent bundle to complement your seasonal R&R and it can be found

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Free Weed’s Stash of SXSW Party Pics

The King of Khan and The Prince of Bud prepare to regulate like Nate and Warren to the G Throwing up the horns in Austin as The Lemons shred Under the influence with the darlin’ Soko  No Parents, no shirt,

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Free Weed’s Album ‘Introducing’ is Out Now on Bad Diet!

Get it, Get it 

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