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We’re Streaming the Entire Album: ‘199Oz. Buzz Clips from Free Weed & Unkle Funkle’

Stream 199Oz. Buzz Clips from Free Weed & Unkle Funkle in its entirety on Soundcloud and Spotify. Yes, that includes Free Weed’s renditions of “Black Hole Sun” and “In the Meantime.” And it’s the holidays millennials, so why not gift

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Tiny Mix Tapes Premieres “Pepper” by Free Weed, the First Single Off ‘199Oz. Buzz Clips’

Tiny Mix Tapes writes: “…it’s no surprise that, a year or so after releasing his debut full-length Introducing, Rikky Gage is back to hit us up with some more of that good, nostalgic, warble-y Free Weed action: this time via

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Free Weed and Unkle Funkle Team for ‘199Oz. Buzz Clips’ on Bad Diet Records!

Pre-Order 199Oz. Buzz Clips Now! Release Date: November 25, 2016 (Black Friday) Bad Diet Records dialed up the modems of Free Weed & Unkle Funkle to create 199Oz. Buzz Clips. On this full-length cover album, L.A.’s Gnar-punks slam the 1990s’ greatest

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Howl at Your Boy: Free Weed and White Fang – 2016 Tour Dates

In Bad Diet’s gallery of freaks, Free Weed is wolf boy. But remarkably, his belly is immune to silver bullets, in fact he guzzles  ’em for breakfast. And now his pasty full moon can be seen coast to coast on

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Free Weed’s “High with Me” is Heard in Latest ‘High Maintenance’ Trailer

“High with Me” by Free Weed is heard in the latest trailer for the upcoming HBO series High Maintenance. Free Weed’s music was also used in the series’ recent teaser trailer that we previously posted. Both tracks are off the

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From Kung Fu Necktie to The Nightlight: Brainstems Summer 2016 Tour Dates

July 14 – Human Head Records – Brooklyn July 15 – Shea Stadium – Brooklyn  July 17 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia July 18 – The Crown – Baltimore July 19 – Under a Bridge – Richmond July 20

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