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Free Weed’s “High with Me” is Heard in Latest ‘High Maintenance’ Trailer

“High with Me” by Free Weed is heard in the latest trailer for the upcoming HBO series High Maintenance. Free Weed’s music was also used in the series’ recent teaser trailer that we previously posted. Both tracks are off the

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Bad Diet Records, Burger Records, Plastic Response & Gnar Tapes Team for ‘Introducing’ Cassette

Bad Diet Records is happy happy joyed to announce the official cassette release of Free Weed’s Introducing, on sale now in the web shop for a measly $4.99. The tape is the first partnership between Bad Diet, Burger Records, Plastic Response,

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Tell Your Mother: Free Weed’s European Vacation is Going Well, Thanks

While he may not rank alongside Robert Downey Jr.’s ego and drone warfare as America’s chief exports (yet), Free Weed is currently spreading good cheer and good barf all through Europe like the regular ol’ Johnny Weedseed he is. Here

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The Staff at BitTorrent Endorses Free Weed

The staff at BitTorrent has given Free Weed’s new LP on Bad Diet, Introducing, their binary seal of approval, calling the album “smart, stoned, and blissed out.”  We’ve uploaded a BitTorrent bundle to complement your seasonal R&R and it can be found

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Free Weed’s Album ‘Introducing’ is Out Now on Bad Diet!

Get it, Get it 

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Free Weed Deluxe Vinyl Shots

Stock’s getting low. Get the deluxe edition now or have regrets “later”… Out 2/24.

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