May 29 2015

Listen to "Bong Soup" - Free Weed's Summer Playlist on Spotify


Spark up and boogie down with “Bong Soup,” a none-more-summer playlist from Free Weed, only on Spotify.

We rubbed the ample belly of Bad Diet’s resident luckboi and beckoned him to curate a summer playlist. He obliged, coughing up big radio hit after big (and decidedly ’90s) radio hit. The result’s like the Can’t Hardly Wait soundtrack sucked face with a punker (Eat Skull) behind the cafeteria at Columbine (Pantera). Staying on-theme, the playlist graphic above pays homage to E!’s Talk Soup during its woefully underrated ’90s John Henson era.

Follow Free Weed on Spotify for a chance to win the limited edition deluxe LP of Introducing. (Note: A winning follower shall be picked at random. This contest does not apply to Tidal. Free Weed and Bad Diet don’t fuck with Tidal. Ain’t nobody got time for that.)