Oakland’s psychedelic savant, Greg Ashley, has endured a tremulous year.

Gentrification sent an eviction notice to the doors of his Creamery Analog studio — where he produced such acts as The Dutchess and the Duke, TV Ghost, Case Studies and The Mantles over almost a decade-long residence. After a spiritual retreat to Texas, Ashley reemerged in the Bay to begin work on a new studio, inhabiting a church just blocks from his former location.

In celebration of this transcendence, Bad Diet is releasing two archival nuggets that exhibit Greg Ashley’s genius, described by the SF Weekly as, “a true psychedelic visionary, maybe the greatest of his generation.”

Living Underground is a peek inside the peak years of Ashley’s widely-lauded act, The Gris Gris. Recorded in 2005, the lost gem’s haunting vocals and pounding back beat make for a resurrection of the band’s finest burnt offerings. It also grounds The Gris Gris’s stake as progenitors of the Bay Area’s contemporary psych and garage scenes.

“Psychopathia Homosexualis” provides a glamorous look into the heart of Sir Lord Von Raven, Ashley’s Oakland supergroup with Eric Von Raven (Time Flys), Josh Miller (Wrong Words) and the late, great Jay Bronzini. It was recorded live at the Creamery in 2010.

In recent years, Greg has released a split LP with guru King Khan featured on Adult Swim’s Garage Swim comp, and dropped a handful of solo efforts on Chicago’s Trouble In Mind Records. We hope he continues to thrive despite his recent setbacks…

IRONIC FACT: Greg’s eviction-issuing landlord was named “Art Music Center, LLC.”