Sep 10 2015

Read Altamont's Free Weed and Gnar Crew Interview

alamont free weed

Altamont Apparel interviewed Rikky (Free Weed) and the Gnarlies, interrogating them about their high school wardrobes, the storied aura surrounding Studio G, and what not. Read it HERE. During the chat, we don’t believe Rikky had the chance to bum a smoke off Altamont’s h.m.i.c. Andrew Reynolds, which is something we aspired to when we were teen-age ratfaces. Also, some of you web hater detectives may be incredulous to learn that Rikky ever attended high school…

RIKKY: “I didn’t smoke any weed or drink until I was 17. I didn’t have sex, smoke weed, or drink until I was 17 years old. Yeah, I was like in college biology and physics in high school and now I’m really dumb.”

We’re feeling peppy today: the next couple orders of Free Weed’s Introducing LP from the store will be bundled with complimentary test pressings. We found some while moving offices. You can also snag the new Introducing cass for cheap.