Free Weed - 'Introducing'

The Bad Diet record label announces its first album release, Free Weed’s Introducing, set for February 24, 2015. Introducing marks the debut LP of Free Weed, the self-explanatory solo moniker of L.A.-rocker Rikky Gage. Introducing is now available for pre-order directly from the Bad Diet webstore; it will be available for purchase at select retail shops and the usual online destinations.

With his debut album, Free Weed is positioned as the stoner-pop ambassador of our ever-gaining legalize-it culture. He has crafted a hit-repeat player that splices the freak power illumination of Ween with the catchy spirit of “Loser”-era Beck and the Butthole Surfers’ “Pepper.” Themed around Free Weed’s love of marijuana and his digitally well-documented bacchanal lifestyle, Introducing is all killer, no filler. No twigs, no seeds to be had, Introducing never sputters into stoner novelty.

When not boosting listeners’ happiness and lowering their inhibitions as Free Weed, Rikky Gage is the ringleader of great bands The Memories and White Fang. He continues to build an indie following that veers mainstream, having created the hit “Burger TV” theme song for Burger Records. Like a stoned Bruce Wayne with magic marker on his shorts, Gage also moonlights as owner of GnarTapes, the dirt-chic cassette label.

Included with all vinyl copies purchased through the Bad Diet webstore is a limited-edition comic illustrated by VICE Art Editor Nick Gazin. Gazin, whom the Bad Diet team believes is a worthy heir to Raymond Pettibon, is responsible for the iconic Run the Jewels covers. All vinyl copies purchased through the Bad Diet webstore also include a complimentary DVD that contains special features and Doper, a misplaced 1994 documentary about dudes who stay high 24 hour a day.

This release’s pedigree extends to being mastered by Mikey Young, member of requisite Aussie outfit Total Control, with cover art by the ever-talented Dustyn Peterman of San Diego rock culture assassins Mushroom Necklace (Ty Segall; Thee Oh Sees). More details nearer release. Or maybe, just buy the thing, so we’ll stfu already.

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