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’17 Cheers from the Bad Diet Crew

Our New Year’s hibernation is over. Bad Diet is stocking the fridges (“da beers!”) and readying major projects. The holiday promo code remains active for now. ENTER CODE: NO LEGS And zap 10% off all orders from our shop. Free

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Wew Lad, How about this Year 2016?

Pardon our groundhog-like skittishness to begin 2016. The Bad Diet team holds our rock holdings dear, and we had to shake the Final Destination curse that was January, which saw Bowie, Lemmy and Hans Gruber vacate Earth, an Earth now said to

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The Bad Diet Web Store Now Accepts Your Parents’ Credit Cards

It’s officially summer. And that means your parents and guardians are getting tipsy poolside, having sad affairs, and leaving their (man)purses unattended. By odd coincidence, the official Bad Diet Web Store now accepts major credit cards like VISA and MasterCard.

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Listen to “Later,” the first single off Free Weed’s upcoming album Introducing. The album is out Feb 24, 2015 on Bad Diet. It’s mastered by none other than Australian rock luminary Mikey Young of Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression

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