Nov 03 2017

Follow Bad Diet's Pinball Playlist On Spotify

Pinball Playlist

A Pinball Playlist For You

Bad Diet slid a fistful of quarters into a pinball playlist dedicated to nights packed with copious amounts of Coke, candy and silver balls. It’s called Pinball Nights and you can spin it on Spotify HERE.

Flip, thump, bump and roll as we guide you to the top of a leaderboard stacked with classy ’80s hits and deep cuts from the likes of Lita Ford, Billy Idol, Giorgio Moroder and more!

Sound too dated? No worries, even losers score on Pinball Nights, as the playlist is packed with present-day pop wizards like Ariel Pink, Free Weed and The Knife.

What are you waiting for?

Keith Moon explains the satisfaction he gets from playing pinball.

Sexual. I’ve always liked balls, and uh, to see big shiny, silver balls…round and round the playground like this…I can get a certain amount of satisfaction building up a score that’s gonna knock everybody else into oblivion. Which, you know, I do often.”

Debbie Harry Playing Pinball

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