Bad Diet is proud to present Doper, the misplayed 1994 documentary about working class stoners directed by Mike King and Jim Van Bebber (cult filmmakers behind Deadbeat at Dawn).

Previously out of circulation, the only way to own Doper on DVD is through purchasing the vinyl edition of Free Weed’s new album, Introducing. (Each vinyl copy includes a bonus DVD of the film at no extra charge.)

Unearthed from under a couch cushion next to a roach clip and the American dream, Doper is a happy-sad look at a crash-pad of young gringos in suburban Texas. They wake, they bake, they daydream. They drift off like sideburned dandelion seeds to dead-end jobs. Doper is a priceless time capsule of ’90s white-bread ennui (Lee t-shirts, classic rock burn sessions, an unironic Porsche poster) and the doc’s banana peel philosophizing is highly quotable (“This is a great job, actually it’s fucked.”).

Warning: Doper may cause unexpected wistfulness in some viewers. It’s of a time when weed culture wasn’t dissected on the molecular level, back when drug dealers bummed rides for nickel bags from phone booths at 7-Eleven. Not a better time, just a simpler one.

Get a DVD of Doper by purchasing Introducing. Pass it around. Shoot a prayer through a smoke ring to John Belushi’s ghost. With luck, a lot of luck, Doper finds a vacant futon near the late night movie pantheon that houses The Beaver Trilogy, Fubar, and Vernon, Florida.

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